In Pursuit of Cozy

Softer than a cloud
Underbelly of our goats
Pure, lovely, just right
loom with cashmere


The best clothing is authentic and intentional. We created Underbelly with this in mind. We don't chase trends or cut corners, and we never will. We intend to push the boundaries of fashion and deliver scarves that will stand up to the test of time.
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Underbelly embodies coziness and elegance, qualities that coexist in perfect harmony in our scarves. Cozy shouldn’t be found just in front of a fire or in a warm cup of tea. It should be something we bring with us, a state of being that each of us manifests through the warmth of what we wear. Cozy is an expression of the self, a curation of one's core identity, which brings life to any environment.


Your clothing should serve a purpose. It should not just take up space. In the colder months, you need the warmth that a cozy scarf provides. On top of keeping you snug, our scarves are designed to accentuate and punctuate any look, not sit on a shelf and wait for the right outfit.


If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. From gently combing cashmere from under the belly of Himalayan mountain goats to hand-weaving every scarf, each aspect of our production process is designed to craft excellence. Underbelly scarves are made to age gracefully through the years. Season after season, our cashmere only gets cozier. Your style may change over the years, but Underbelly scarves will still be timeless.