Frequently Asked


When will my scarf arrive?
When your scarf has shipped you will receive an email with a FedEx tracking number. Keep this handy and you'll know where your scarf is and when to expect it (usually within a week).
Where is my scarf made?
Every scarf is handwoven with cashmere combed from under the belly of Himalayan mountain goats in Nepal.
Will an Underbelly scarf fit me?
Yes! Exactly how you get cozy with your Underbelly is up to you. Our dimensions are 64 inches long by 14 inches wide – plenty of cashmere to find the perfect fit.
How do I return my scarf?
We intend for your Underbelly scarf to last you a lifetime, but we understand that you may need to part ways. You can return your Underbelly scarf for any reason within 30 days of receiving it.

Any and all returns must be like-new and returned with original packaging.
To return your Underbelly scarf, simply email with your order number and reason for return.

Upon receipt of your email, Underbelly will inform you of a return mailing address to which to send your return. You are responsible for covering the cost of shipping your return.

We recommend shipping your return with priority shipping in order to track and confirm receipt of your order.

Your return will begin to process immediately upon receipt and funds will be returned to you in the form of original payment. The processing time for your refund will depend on the bank and payment processor used.
How do I store my scarf?
Taking care of your scarf is simple - when you're not getting cozy wearing it, let your scarf hang and breathe. Try and avoid balling it up in a drawer, if you can.
How do I wash my scarf?
Your Underbelly scarf is cozy - it likes to be treated as such. If it starts to get dirty, hand wash in cold water with a gentle soap, like baby shampoo. The delicate fibers can air dry so no need to use the dryer or wring the fabric. Once dry, your Underbelly scarf will be clean as new and softer than before. While usually not necessary, dry cleaning is also an option.